Hollywood Central Park
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Re-unite divided neighborhoods impacted by freeway construction over 50 years ago through the funding and implementation of the Hollywood Central Park, a cap over the U.S. 101 (Hollywood Freeway) in Hollywood. 


The Hollywood Central Park (HCP) is proposed to be a 44-acre street-level urban park that sits atop (“caps”) the US-101 Freeway from Bronson Avenue to Santa Monica Boulevard. Designed as a landmark infrastructure project that will transform Hollywood’s state-leading “park poor” communities into thriving neighborhoods with economic, recreation and a social center, the project spans approximately one mile in length and varies between 300 and 400 feet wide.

The HCP began its environmental impact report process in early 2013.


Friends of Hollywood Central Park (FHCP), the non-profit that has developed the vision for the project, has formed a partnership with the City of Los Angeles to include the park in the General Plan/Community Plans and shepherd the project forward.

PointC is responsible for working with the City of Los Angeles, Caltrans and FHCP to move the project through environmental documentation and to create and implement a comprehensive funding strategy for this landmark project.