Antelope Valley
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Work with citizens and LA County regional planning to create a long-range land use plan focused on balanced economic growth, environmental conservation and equal access to opportunity and quality of life for Antelope Valley residents and businesses.


The County of Los Angeles is updating their General Plan, a much-needed effort to reflect today’s opportunities for a plan that has not been updated since 1980.  A key part of the General Plan update focuses on the unincorporated area of the Antelope Valley, an area of 1,800 square miles that comprises 75% of all unincorporated Los Angeles County.  Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich asked a number of long-time business people and residents to evaluate the proposed Antelope Valley Area Plan, the Antelope Valley segment of the General Plan.  A Blue Ribbon Committee was formed and concluded that the draft plan needed to be looked at in the context of their children and grandchildren.  As such, the Blue Ribbon Committee determined that the General Plan update for their area needed more economic opportunity that was compatible with a clearer focus on environmental stewardship.


To address these challenges, pointC worked with the Blue Ribbon Committee to create an approach to the Antelope Valley Area Plan that reflected a shared vision for their children’s future, supported the Department of Regional Planning’s countywide vision for smart-economic growth and housing, and yield both future quality jobs and an area with thriving natural resources and a unique quality of life. Using data-driven mapping and sustainable growth principles, the pointC team worked with the Blue Ribbon Committee to identify three Economic Opportunity Areas focused on balanced growth coupled with an honoring of property economics throughout the remainder of the vast Antelope Valley that provided incentives for conservation of property for open space, environmental preservation, and resources for future generations. PointC also established a collaborative process with the County to exchange ideas, improved the Antelope Valley plan and, by definition, the Countywide General Plan update.